Certified Center Technician II (MEM)

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December 31, 2042

The Certified Center Technician II is a highly skilled position responsible for the electrical diagnosis and remanufacturing, troubleshooting, repairing and testing of electrical parts and components. The position requires a high level of understanding of electrical and mechanical concepts and the ability to perform the required repairs. Generally the technician is focused on certain aspects of equipment refurbishment such as refrigeration or electrical components. Other Tech II responsibilities may be skilled maintenance of building and/or maintenance of production equipment or quality control responsibilities. Duties include but not limited to:

Primary Accountabilities
  • Must meet all federal/local certifications – licenses and must maintain satisfactory recertification/validation with OEM suppliers.
  • Utilize and maintain supplier diagnostic equipmentRefrigeration, mechanical and electrical testing, troubleshooting and repair of all types of marketing equipment
  • Must show mastery of sealed refrigeration units to include compressors, vacuuming, and rechargingComplete rebuilding of refrigeration systems, including the proper handling of refrigerants to meet EPA standards
  • Clear and accurate record keeping including parts usage and inventories, refrigerant recovery and usage, and time
  • Proper disposal and recycling of parts and equipment and the associated record keeping
  • Perform quality control evaluation and testing on all outbound equipment
  • Provide supplementary coaching and training to support all aspects of equipment remanufacturing
  • Communicate directly with OEM’s, suppliers, and HUB location in support of quality control standards
  • Work station maintained clean and organized
  • Operate in a safe manner, including the use of proper personal protective equipment and appropriate ergonomic equipment


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December 31, 2042

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