December 31, 2042

Position works in-house with a high degree of supervision. Position refurbishes and rebuilds vending equipment as needed. Position mixes paints, glues and coating materials to proper standards. Prepares equipment surfaces for repainting, resurfacing or application of new decals/facings. Position may also overhaul internal and external mechanical workings as needed. This position requires working on vending machines weighing 800 — 1200 pounds. Forklifts are used to lift equipment, but may be required to push, pull and move equipment. Also requires kneeling and squatting to work on equipment.

  • Repair and perform preventative maintenance on marketing equipment
  • Unload and load vendors for daily delivery
  • Prepare equipment prior to delivery (e.g., set prices/products, etc.)
  • Collect accurate and complete equipment information
  • Remove old parts and replace with new parts
  • Maintain parts inventory in shop
  • After each repair, complete paperwork on job and maintain accurate maintenance records
  • Transport miscellaneous items (e.g., compressors for repair/scrap, cardboard for recycle, etc.)


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December 31, 2042

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