Packaging TR III Mechanic – Bradenton, FL (Tropicana)

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December 31, 2042

5+ years Packaging Maintenance Experience including Juice Systems, Filling, Capping, Casing, Conveying and Inspecting equipment preferred.

  • Good working knowledge and trouble shooting skills on pneumatic and hydraulic systems. Experienced with various types of pumps, motors and gear reducers including installation and alignment.
  • Proficient in proper use and safety procedures for all shop hand tools and power equipment including, drill press, grinders, sanders, milling machine, hydraulic press and pullers.
  • Proficient in general machining practices including, drilling, tapping, reaming, broaching, boring, turning – milling.
  • Must pass department written – hands on test
  • Must be a self-directed, team oriented member supporting department and cross departmental teams as needed.
  • Must attend and stay current on all safety training including, LOTO Line Breaking, Hot Work and Confined Space.
  • Basic Computer skills required are MS Word, Excel, Outlook, SAP, Zarpac, and CMMS
  • Must be able to travel for training when required. Shift work and overtime as assigned.
  • Must supply own hand tools as listed on separate attachment
  • Must have or be able to obtain forklift license, scissor lift, and boom lift
  • Audit work and established department processes to ensure quality of products and work performed
  • Maintain high standards and compromised integrity to protect our customers and consumers
  • Attend all communication and training meetings as required by the organization and/or department leadership
  • Organize, plan and utilize resources to meet specific productivity and efficiency objectives
  • Coordinate and collaborate with representatives from outside groups such as up and down stream department leaders, operators, safety team members, utilities personnel, and electrical/automation resources
  • Troubleshoot and investigate barriers to meeting departmental objectives and eliminate when possible, offer solutions or take an active role in recruiting the resources necessary to remove these barriers
  • Investigate, troubleshoot and solve technical issues on the equipment to ensure safe and reliable operation
  • Demonstrate effective communication between shifts
  • Procure the necessary resources/materials to achieve team success
  • Maintain critical established department paperwork including, but not limited to, maintenance logs, downtime documentation, safety permits, and risk predictions
  • Build capability of the organization by providing on the spot coaching to employees to improve equipment performance
  • Ensure management is aware of maintenance issues and intended resolution utilizing the department established notification triggers
  • Actively support TPM and NWT programs.
  • Be a role model and lead the department in TPM objectives and priorities including AM, FI and OCCI as determined by the department as well as NWT team implementation
  • Ensure all areas are maintained to 5S standards
  • Work efficiently in software programs to complete required tasks including ZARPAC, SAP, WMS, Hold It, DMS, ADC, Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • Foster an inclusive and fair work environment including a workplace free from harassment or favoritism. Promote civil interaction between team members from all departments and aggressively address divisive or hostile behaviors
  • Seek and listen to improvement ideas from team members
  • Demonstrate strong follow-up on issues brought forward by team members
  • Strive to keep equipment and processes functioning smoothly to minimize frustration and stress
  • Facilitate effective communication downward, upward and across department lines
  • Proactively maintain morale through teamwork and positive interaction with crews, acting as a confidant to team members and liaison to leadership
  • Will on occasion need to flex schedule to alternate shifts to support the department needs
  • Will on occasion need to work more than 40 hours a week and/or work 12 hour days to cover other Mechanic paid and unpaid absences.
  • Train new Mechanics and/or new department personnel if and when applicable
  • Purpose:
    • Demonstrate behaviors consistent with PepsiCo Values and Code of Conduct
    • Proactively coordinate activities between the company and hourly personnel
    • Actively support daily, period and annual plan
    • Promote a positive team environment
    • Ensure reliable and safe operation of equipment through troubleshooting and maintenance
    • Build the capability of the organization through training
    • Be a role model and lead the department in TPM objectives and priorities including AM, PM, FI and OCCI as determined by the department and NWT teams
    • Ensure all safety rules, procedure, policies and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) are followed
    • Set the example for others by demonstrating adherence to safety rules, procedures, policies and GMPs
    • Proactively and aggressively address safety gaps
    • Participate in department safety audits and department walk-throughs
    • Will stay up to date on all required training.


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    December 31, 2042

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