Quality Control Technician – Oxnard, CA

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December 31, 2042

JOB FUNCTIONS:* Perform pre-operational inspections of equipment using sensory and instrumental methods.* Perform incoming inspections of carriers, ingredients and packaging materials.* Analyze and document analysis of materials used in manufacturing.* Prepare blending sheets where necessary.* Monitor, analyze and document in-process conditions, materials and products.* Collect samples for microbiology testing of ingredients, products and packaging materials.* Audit and check production, processing and paperwork items utilizing a QC checklist.* Collect, store, analyze and track retain samples.* Perform water sample collection and analysis for analytical results.* Collect samples for environmental microbiology monitoring of manufacturing areas.* Perform GMP audits and monitor GMP conditions.* Assist in complaint investigations where necessary.* Monitor and perform lab equipment calibrations.* Perform data entry.* Perform laboratory solution and media preparation.* Perform temperature measurement and monitoring in manufacturing and transportation.* Perform analytical testing of ingredients and products.* Process and analyze paperwork for QC functions.* Performs or assists with additional assignments as directed by QC Management.


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December 31, 2042

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