December 31, 2042

The Team Leader will oversee warehouse floor operations and perform first echelon supervision. Responsible to prioritize tasks, redirect resources, collect and report M – W measures, and assist with training/development of warehouse performers.

The position will be an expert warehouse performer charged with order checking, truck loading and unloading, inventory replenishment and order picking. Operate material handling equipment, R/F gun using SAP, and execute M – W tasks.
  • Meet annual AOP AND KPI guidelines
  • Maintain – track productivity and quality targets
  • Direct team members in Concentrate – Raw Material areas
  • Control dock/staging area operations
  • Inspect trailers, make dock assignments, prioritize loads, direct loading and coordinate truck departure
  • Unload truck, put away product
  • Product stored according to allocated warehouse plan
  • Hit operating targets for order fulfillment
  • Utilize R/F gun to pick product, complete pallets, load truck on time, 100% correct
  • Execute M-W tasks
  • Detailed knowledge of warehouse measures and SOP’s
  • Follow guidelines to ensure clean, orderly, visualized workplace
  • Ensure timely and accurate reporting of measure data to LD-T Manager
  • Perform operator maintenance on PIT equipment
  • Conduct pre-trip inspection, note and report discrepancies operate equipment safely, store for recharging according to warehouse procedure
  • Material handling/ warehousing best practices
  • Eight to ten hour shift includes repetitive heavy lifting and machine operation. Demonstrate continuous cleaning and warehouse best practices
  • Maintain housekeeping checklists for all warehouse associates
  • Pass on best practices, correct as necessary. Conduct skill training as directed by LD-T Supervisor
  • Compliance with all HSE rules and procedures
  • Follow GMPs, Food Safety Programs and Prerequisites
  • Accident frequency and severity measure:
  • Report incidents and near misses to management promptly
  • Prompt return to work
  • Drive a safe culture and wear PPE as required in the performance of your job
  • Completed 8 H-S training hours.
  • Completed and submit near miss / good catches
  • Compliance with all Manufacturing GMP and Plant Food Safety Policies
  • Read and understand applicable procedures that are listed in SOP’s
  • Understand AIB audit requirements as it relates to office functions – meet audit compliance requirements


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December 31, 2042

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