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December 31, 2042

The work of a Yard Spotter with Tropicana Foods is performed in a fruit juice processing operation facility involved primarily in the manufacturing of frozen and fresh fruit juice and related products. The specific department in which the duties are performed is the Scalehouse department. The Yard Spotter in the Scalehouse department is responsible for transporting empty diesel trucks and trailers to specific docks within the facility. The Yard Spotter is also responsible for transporting diesel trucks and trailers that are loaded to specific lots within the facility. The Yard Spotter receives paperwork from the Scalehouse indicating what diesel trucks need to be transported. Some of the heaviest lifts performed by a Yard Spotter include pry bars and fuel pumps, which weigh less than 20 pounds. The Yard Spotters are responsible for refueling diesel trucks. A pry bar is used to open trailer doors if they are stuck. A frequent pull force of 22.2 pounds is required to open trailer doors. The door is opened using a neutral grip. This force varies dependent upon age and trailer maintenance. This force was measured on a door described as average. The Yard Spotter transports 40-50 diesel trucks per day.
The work of a Yard Spotter with Tropicana Foods is performed both indoors and outdoors in a food processing/manufacturing environment. Temperature varies dependent upon location. The temperature is hot and humid outside during the summer months. The worker is also required to work in the trailers of refrigerated trucks where the temperature is cold. The worker is required to wear safety glasses and hearing protection in the performance of this work. The worker must be cognizant of possible exposure to ammonia in gaseous form and the inherent hazards. The worker must be able to listen to warning sirens and to observe wind socks that will help to indicate the proper direction to take for movement out of the path of a gaseous cloud. Tools used in this Yard Spotter include, but are not limited to the following: diesel trucks, diesel truck trailers, paperwork, radio, and fuel pumps. Regular, dependable attendance is an essential function of this position.


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December 31, 2042

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