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Marvell has been trusted by the world’s leading technology companies for over 25 years to move, store, process, and secure the world’s data with semiconductor solutions.

Through deep collaboration with our customers, we’re designing the chips that enable tomorrow’s enterprise, cloud, automotive, and carrier architectures to transform—for the better.

Our Products

Marvell specializes in semiconductor solutions that power a wide range of industries, from data centers and 5G networks to AI, automotive, and storage applications. Our cutting-edge products are designed to meet the constantly evolving demands of a connected world, enabling faster, more efficient, and more secure data processing and communication. With a focus on excellence and a commitment to advancing technology, we develop solutions that drive progress and transform industries.


Innovation is the cornerstone of our success at Marvell. We are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of technology in the semiconductor industry. Through substantial research and development investments and a culture that fosters creativity and curiosity, we consistently deliver cutting-edge solutions that address the evolving needs of our customers and industries, solidifying our position as a leader in technological innovation.



1995 Founded in
7,000 Employees
10,000 Patents wordwide

Internship Programs 

Work and learn at the center of tomorrow’s transformation. Our renowned internship programs build critical skills through unique opportunities and practical hands-on experience. Our interns receive a well-rounded, balanced curriculum on and off campus. Paid internships are available for full time/active students currently enrolled in an undergraduate or postgraduate degree program within an accredited college or university. 

New Graduate Roles  

Entry level positions are for individuals hired within one year of graduating with a Bachelor’s, Master’s, MBA, or PhD or someone transitioning into a new career. Joining us in an entry level position provides an excellent opportunity to gain valuable experience in the field. 

Inclusion & Diversity at Marvell 

Inclusion and diversity are core principles at Marvell. We’re dedicated to fostering an environment where all employees feel valued and empowered to contribute their unique perspectives, driving innovation and success. Our commitment to a diverse workforce is directly shown through our global cultural celebrations, Inclusion Networks, and internal training and development programs. 

Inclusion Networks 

Our Inclusion Network, Women@Marvell, is one of multiple planned communities dedicated to fostering diversity and inclusion among our employees. This Inclusion Network provides a platform for professional growth, mentorship, and advocacy, empowering women to excel in their careers and contribute to our success through diverse perspectives and talents.

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