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Good Careers Run in the Family at Old Dominion

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We love it when an employer says they lead a family culture – and they actually lead a family culture!

Sheldon, Trailer Technician at Old Dominion, kick-started his career in the industry at sixteen years old, working with his father. But it turns out his grandfather used to work for Old Dominion!

Sheldon remembers how much his grandfather said it was a great place to work – so he knew where to set his sights when looking for a new role.

Hear from Sheldon and discover:

  • More about Old Dominion, what they do and who they provide services to.
  • What a Trailer Technician does and what a typical work day looks like for Sheldon.
  • How Sheldon started his career at 16 years old, following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather.
  • What the excellent training at Old Dominion looks like, and how they support your career.

Alongside some great advice about what Old Dominion look for in potential new employees, Sheldon’s short chat with us is well worth a watch!

Find Out More

Old Dominion (OD) has more than 25,000 employees across North America with 255 service centers in the continental US. It’s known for its unique family culture built by the “OD Family Spirit.”

Several organizations have recognized OD as an employer of choice. In 2022, Forbes named OD one of America’s Best Large Employers. The Women in Trucking Association named OD one of its “Top Companies for Women to Work for in Transportation.”

Want to know how to start your career with OD? Head to their dedicated Explore Careers employer profile now!

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