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Unlock STEM Internship Opportunities with CSL

19 May 2023
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Expert Strategies for STEM Internship Success

Author: Julia Paiano

On March 25th, CSL participated in an “It’s All About STEM & Me” day to expose students to STEM careers. As part of the event, Elliott and Lauren, two recruiters from CSL, led an Internships 101 workshop to teach high school students how to find, apply, and interview for internships. The session was designed to demystify the recruitment process and equip prospective interns with information they need to land and excel in their assignments. We wanted to share some key takeaways from the session:

Figure out the companies YOU are interested in.

Identify your target companies by researching the following questions:

  • Which companies are in your desired geographic area?
  • What type of industry interests you?
  • What is the company’s mission statement, values, and purpose?

This will help you ensure that the companies you apply to align with your goals and beliefs. It will also help narrow down the roles you want to apply for.

Interview the interviewer.

Prepare for the interview by thinking of questions that can help you understand the role better. Some good questions you can ask include:

  • What does success look like in this role?
  • How are mistakes in this role handled?
  • Is there room for growth in this role?
Ask questions!

Once you’ve secured the role, there are a few steps you can take to ensure success.

  • Schedule introductory meetings with your manager and the rest of your team to get to know them and their work styles. Remember to share about yourself so they get to know you too!
  • Set objectives for mid-way and the end of your internship.

During the internship search, stay true to yourself to secure a role that best fits you. We hope these tips help you in your search!

Best of luck from the CSL Early Careers Recruiting Team!

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