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As a leading wildlife management and animal removal company, our mission at Critter Control is clear: to resolve conflicts between humans and wildlife using safe and humane methods. Specializing in handling various species, including raccoons, squirrels, bats, birds, and snakes, we prioritize eco-friendly practices to minimize environmental impact.

We don’t just remove animals; we also repair damage and prevent future intrusions. Our commitment to customer satisfaction means prompt responses, transparent communication, and thorough service. With a nationwide presence, we address diverse wildlife challenges across a broad geographic spectrum, Critter Control serves residential, commercial, and industrial clients.

At Critter Control, we’re dedicated to ethical and effective wildlife management, making us the trusted choice for resolving wildlife encounters responsibly.


1983 Founded
39 states
500+ employees

Why work at Critter Control?

Critter Control is a fantastic place to work and the nation’s leading wildlife management firm.

Wildlife is a major and often enjoyable part of our environment, but wild animals sometimes cause major headaches. Whether it’s a squirrel in the chimney, a bat inside your bedroom or messy goose or mole damage, wildlife interactions aren’t always pleasant.

Therefore, wildlife management is vital to protect people, property and wildlife. We need energetic and responsible individuals to ensure preservation of our environment.

Critter Control is a dynamic company known for its casual, fun and goal-oriented work environment. We provide opportunities for career growth and advancement to employees at all levels. Critter Control also offers excellent benefits and competitive salaries. We offer exciting positions in over 130 cities nationwide as a Wildlife Technician, Manager, Branch Manager or Franchise owner.

Decades of Experience Distilled

As one of the first in the field, Critter Control created best practices for wildlife removal. Our training program includes core field training, leadership training, sales training, and safety training. Some examples of the topics include ladder safety, proper animal handling, and species-specific animal trapping.

Our comprehensive training not only increases and improves the skills of our employees, but also ensures they perform their job safely.

Continuous Training

Training starts on day one and doesn’t stop. All new hires complete training that includes field training, virtual classroom, and online studies. Training culminates with real world, hands-on coaching to gain experience with manager/tenured employee.

Each month, employees will learn new skills in safety, technical skills, customer service, and sales. District Managers take time monthly to provide on the job coaching with each employee.


Sustaining Our People, Communities, Environment and Business

We believe that sustainability is not just an option; it’s an opportunity and our responsibility. Leading the way in creating a brighter, greener future for generations to come and embracing sustainable practices isn’t just good for the environment; it’s also smart business. By integrating sustainability into our core values and operations, we hope to leave a positive impact on the world.

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