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Domino’s Pizza, which began in 1960 as a single store location in Ypsilanti, MI, has had a lot to celebrate lately:

We’re a reshaped, reenergized brand of honesty, transparency and accountability – not to mention, great food!

In the rise to becoming a true technology leader, the brand is now consistently one of the top five companies in online transactions and 65% of our sales in the U.S. are taken through digital channels. The brand continues to ‘deliver the dream’ to local business owners, 90% of which started as delivery drivers and pizza makers in our stores.  That’s just the tip of the iceberg…or as we might say, one “slice” of the pie!  If this sounds like a brand you’d like to be a part of, consider joining our team!


1960 Founded
15,000 Employees
18,300+ Stores

Our Purpose & Values

Domino’s is a purpose-inspired and performance-driven company with exceptional people who are committed to feeding the power of possible, one pizza at a time. At the heart of our brand is a set of values that define our core beliefs on how we run our business, treat our people, support our franchisees and serve our customers:


Do The Right Thing

We act with integrity and make disciplined decisions, even when it’s difficult or unpopular. High ethical standards and uncommon honesty are at the heart of how we work together. We are committed to safely and responsibly serving our customers, and giving back in the communities where we live and work.

Put People First

We create an inclusive culture, knowing our people are core to our success. We treat each other with dignity, respect, and we value the differences each team member brings. We strive to be a company where all team members can bring their full selves to work and know that they belong, contribute and reach their potential.

Create Inspired Solutions

We are a company built on entrepreneurship and innovation. We become better every day by having the humility and courage to embrace and lead change. Together, we unlock our collective potential to be bold, think big. We have a bias for action – to solve customer needs in new and relevant ways.

Champion Our Customers

We deliver on our promises, treating each order and interaction as an opportunity to deepen relations by delivering great product, service, and experiences. We hold ourselves accountable, and if we don’t deliver on a promise, we’ll make it right.

Grow And Win Together

We are not playing a finite game. We are committed to building an enduring brand that outlives any of our individual contributions. We will grow together, deliver exceptional results together, celebrate wins together, have fun together and leave the brand in a better place for those who come after.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Domino’s started out small, with just one store in Ypsilanti, Michigan, in 1960. Fast forward more than 60 years, and Domino’s has grown to become one of the most recognized and leading pizza brands in the world. Here’s a brief look at Domino’s throughout the years.


Domino’s first international store opens in Winnipeg, Canada, and opened its first store outside North America in Queensland, Australia.


Domino’s No. 1 enemy – The Noid – appears on TV screens across the U.S., becoming a recognized antihero and saboteur of quality.


Domino’s introduces its first new product, Handmade Pan Pizza. That same year, the 5,000th Domino’s store in the world opens.


Domino’s rolls out breadsticks – it’s first national nonpizza menu item.


Winged buffaloes flew across television screens to announce our firstever chicken product, Buffalo Wings.


During the 1990s, Domino’s enters 40 international markets including Eastern Europe and Africa. Domino’s opened it’s 1,000th international store.


Domino’s founder, Tom Monaghan, announces his retirement to pursue other interests, and gives up ownership of the company to Bain Capital Inc.


Domino’s Pizza Inc. becomes a publicly traded company on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) under the ticker symbol DPZ.


Domino’s introduces online and mobile ordering for customers, making their experience even more convenient.


Domino’s launches an industry first: Domino’s Tracker®. The revolutionary technology allows customers to follow the progress of their order online, from the time it is placed, to when it’s out of the oven and ready for pickup or out on delivery.


At year’s end, Domino’s scraps its 49-year-old pizza recipe and launches its “new and inspired pizza.”


Pizza Today Magazine names Domino’s its “Chain of the Year” for the second straight year – making the company a three-time overall winner and the first pizza delivery company to receive the honor in back-to-back years.


Domino’s unveils its new logo and “pizza theater” store design, which brings the fun and art of pizza-making to the forefront.


Domino’s introduces Pizza Profiles on The enhanced online ordering profile platform gives customers the ability to save information and record their favorite order in as little as five clicks, or about 30 seconds.


Domino’s DXP™ (Delivery Expert), a specially designed and built pizza delivery vehicle, launches across 25 markets in the U.S. The car holds up to 80 pizzas and features a warming oven, as well as storage areas designed for easy loading and unloading of pizzas and other menu items.

That same year, Domino’s unveils AnyWare, a suite of innovative technology that allows customers to order in more ways and on more devices than ever before.


Domino’s and Ford team up on an industry-first collaboration to understand the role that self-driving vehicles can play in pizza delivery. As part of the test, researchers from both companies investigate customers’ reactions to interacting with a self-driving vehicle as part of their delivery experience.


Domino’s vows to save pizza, one pothole at a time, with its introduction of Paving for Pizza grants. The company gave away one grant in each state in the U.S. to help smooth the ride home for freshly made pizzas.

Domino’s opened its 15,000th store in the world in Lewisville, Texas, that same year.


Domino’s Carside Delivery® hits stores across the U.S. This convenient contactless carryout option allows customers who place a prepaid order online to stay in their vehicle while a team member delivers the order to their car.


Domino’s launched the 2-Minute Carside Guarantee: order Domino’s Carside Delivery online, check in when you arrive, and as soon as your order is ready, a Domino’s team member will head to your car in less than two minutes or your next pizza is free.


When it comes to the pizza delivery experience, nobody does it better than Domino’s. As an early pioneer for efficiently delivering made-toorder pizzas, Domino’s has launched many innovations over the years that have made a significant impact on the pizza and delivery industries. Here’s a look at some of Domino’s key innovations:

Domino’s HeatWave hot bags

Domino’s HeatWave hot bags were introduced in 1998 to keep pizzas oven-hot during normal delivery. Originally, each hot bag contained a patented heating mechanism charged by plugging into an electric outlet at the stsore. The outer material of the bag is made with water-repellent nylon, which replaced the less sturdy vinyl material previously used. Domino’s has continued to innovate and evolve the technology, removing the electric cord and heating each bag via an induction heating system. The latest edition of Domino’s HeatWave hot bags relies solely on a patented insulation system that keeps pizzas both hot and crisp – eliminating the need for electricity.


Domino’s looks for efficiencies in every aspect of the business, and the spoodle doesn’t disappoint. Domino’s developed this tool, which combines the best features of a spoon and a ladle, cutting down the time spent applying sauce to pizza.

Domino’s supply chain networks

To allow Domino’s stores to concentrate on making and delivering pizzas, Domino’s developed a central commissary system. This relieves stores from long hours making dough, grating cheese and preparing toppings. Through a network of domestic dough manufacturing and food distribution centers, Domino’s provides high quality dough and ingredients nationwide, keeping the pizza consistently delicious. We regularly supply more than 6,000 Domino’s stores in the U.S. with over 240 products, allowing customers 34 million different ways to order a single Domino’s pizza. Other pizza and quick-service restaurants in the U.S. have since adopted this system.

A better box

Domino’s was the innovator behind the sturdy, corrugated pizza box, which keeps moisture from weakening the box and prevents cheese from sticking to the top of the box during delivery, because nobody wants a messy pizza.

Pizza screen development

A delicious, crisp crust is one of the most important parts of a pizza. In search of the perfect crust, Domino’s developed the pizza screen – a mesh tray that helps cook pizza crust more evenly than a tray made of wood or stainless steel.

Car-top sign – in 3D

Today it’s hard to miss pizza delivery cars – thanks to Domino’s. Domino’s invented the 3D car-top sign, which is now used by a variety of industries, including taxis and driving schools.

Domino’s online ordering

The beginning of Domino’s technological innovation started with its online and mobile ordering system, which launched in 2007. Today, Domino’s generates more than 70% of sales via digital ordering channels.

Domino’s tracker & pizza builder

In 2008, Domino’s revolutionized the customer experience by launching its innovative Domino’s Tracker and Pizza Builder tools. Domino’s Tracker was an industry first, as it was the first tracker developed and used by a national pizza chain to allow customers to follow the progress of their order, from the time it’s placed until they receive it. Domino’s Pizza Builder also transformed the industry by allowing customers to make their favorite crust and toppings selections, and see their pizza come to life on the computer screen. Many other pizza companies have since followed suit and launched similar technologies to Domino’s Tracker and Pizza Builder.

Domino’s pizza theatre

After years of development and concept testing, Domino’s unveiled a new “pizza theater” store design in 2012. The new store design allows flexibility for a number of features otherwise unheard of when it comes to the “traditional” Domino’s store. Features include a comfortable lobby, open-area viewing of the food preparation process and the ability to track carryout orders electronically on a lobby screen. Some stores also feature chalkboards to allow customers to express their creativity or to leave feedback for store team members.

Domino’s ordering apps/ anywhere technology

In addition to ordering apps for iPad, iPhone and Android, Domino’s has several innovative ordering platforms, known as AnyWare technology, that bring even more convenience to the ordering experience. Customers can choose from 13 digital ways to order, ranging from Amazon Alexa, text-to-order, in-car ordering with Xevo and more – allowing them to order from anywhere, at any time, using whatever device they’d like.

Domino’s DXP (delivery expert)

In October 2015, after three years in the making, Domino’s launched the DXP, the first purpose-built vehicle aimed at revolutionizing pizza delivery. The DXP was born out of Domino’s passion for innovation and started with a five-stage crowdsourcing competition hosted by Local Motors. The contest, called the Domino’s Ultimate Delivery Vehicle Challenge, fielded 385 entries from designers around the world. Michigan-based Roush Enterprises and General Motors’ former research and development executive Kenneth R. Baker then adapted the concept and worked closely with Domino’s to transform the Chevrolet Spark® (with its international style, tech-savvy command deck and nimble maneuverability) into a delivery vehicle for pizza and other menu items – ensuring hot and great tasting pizzas delivered right to customers’ doors.

The DXP holds up to 80 pizzas, along with other menu items including salads, wings and 2-liter bottles of soda. It features a warming oven, located behind the driver’s door, that can hold two HeatWave bags and is quickly accessible to drivers with the touch of a key fob button. The car also comes equipped with a puddle light that projects the Domino’s logo on the ground, as well as an illuminated Domino’s car topper.

Domino’s hotspots

In April of 2018, Domino’s introduced yet another delivery revolution: Domino’s Hotspots. Domino’s Hotspots are locations that don’t have traditional addresses – places like parks, sports fields, beaches and thousands of unexpected sites – where customers can receive delivery orders. Local Domino’s stores around the U.S. have identified these Domino’s Hotspots, which are now locations where drivers can meet customers curbside to hand off orders.

Customers can order a Domino’s Hotspot delivery at and via Domino’s mobile apps. Once a customer’s location has been determined, local Domino’s Hotspots that are available for delivery will appear on a map for customers to select. Before checking out, customers can leave instructions to help the driver find them. After completing their order, customers will receive text message alerts about their Domino’s Hotspot delivery progress, including a final text that gives the driver’s estimated arrival time.

Commitment to the Community

Domino’s evolved from one pizza store in Ypsilanti, Michigan, to the largest pizza company in the world. We immerse ourselves in the towns and cities where we make and safely deliver pizzas every day, because we believe in giving back to the communities that support us.

Headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Domino’s is committed to supporting initiatives and causes in its hometown while also participating in national programs that align with our company vision and guiding principles. We look forward to building on a heritage of delivering to our customers and communities in which we live and work.


Did you know

More than 95% of Domino’s franchisees in the U.S. started off as part-time pizza makers or delivery drivers. That’s not a coincidence. Domino’s prides itself in building excellence around its team members and franchisees. Much of Domino’s success has come from is franchise business model, which is primarily an internally based franchise system.

Want to become and franchise owner?

Follow the path of most Domino’s franchise owners and learn how to run and operate a store or supervise multiple stores, before investing in your own.

Current Domino’s team members who are interested in owning a piece of the pie should visit the company’s Franchise Management School page on its internal website.

Not a current Domino’s team member? Reach out to franchising@ to learn how you can start your journey to becoming a Domino’s franchisee.

The Power of Possible Starts with our People

Fostering inclusion and diversity is simply the right thing to do. We believe creating a sense of belonging for everyone promotes a thriving culture of innovation where anything is possible. That’s why we are committed to building a culture that welcomes, seeks to understand and values everyone’s whole self.

We are made better together

“Do the Right Thing” and “Put People First” are our top two core values at Domino’s. From those two values our Inclusion and Diversity mission was launched, and we have been relentless in our commitment to building and strengthening our culture every day. We are proud to celebrate the diversity of our team. It’s that diversity that allows us to innovate and operate successfully in over 90 countries around the world.


I&D Efforts

We’re committed to strengthening inclusion and diversity within Domino’s and the communities we serve.

Our strategic framework commits to:

Strengthen the diversity of our workforce:

Build a platform of best practices that

  • Elevates our recruiting, interview, and development practices
  • Holds us accountable through our Board of Director I&D Committee, our internal cross-functional I&D steering committee and our Employee Resource Groups
  • Monitors and measures progress of our workforce that mirrors the diversity of the communities we serve

Foster an inclusive workforce:

Listen, learn, and support one another

  • Employee Resource Groups
  • Fireside Chats
  • Best Practice Sharing

Act as inclusive leaders and build an inclusive culture

  • With an approach of Conscious Inclusion
  • Through Leadership Development and Competencies that are rooted in inclusive behavior
  • By measuring both the results and the how they are achieved

Extend to the marketplace:

Commited to long-term impact

  • Supporting organizations in our communities
  • Expanding the diversity of our suppliers
  • Growing the diversity of Franchisees with programs like the Black Franchisee Opportunity Fund

Employee Resource Groups

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), which are voluntary, employee-led groups formed to serve as a haven of belonging for team members while increasing understanding about its members’ culture, identity or experiences. Membership is open to all DPZ team members at Domino’s in order to foster learning and deeper connections.

Benefits of Joining:

  • Nurture Meaningful Work Connections
  • Enhance Professional Skills and Discover New Talents
  • Increase Personal Happiness and Engagement
  • Network Cross-Functionally
  • Strategic Influence & Impact
  • Commitment to Philanthropy, Service, and Domino’s Pride

ERGs include:

  1. BLISS – Black Leaders Innovating, Strategizing and Succeeding. We are industry leaders seeking to create a safe space where constructive dialogue can occur and we can understand the unique, lived experiences of people who are Black or of African Descent at Domino’s and the neighborhoods we serve. We are here to advocate for employees that identify as Black or of African Descent, help attract and nurture the development of diverse talent, contribute to the communities we serve, and encourage an understanding of the needs of the Black Community while staying true to Domino’s values.
  2. LatiDo – Represent the Latino community as we provide knowledge and support across all global pillars within Domino’s, to connect and share experiences that will make us stronger and more confident in the workplace while we sell more pizza and have more fun.
  3. SOAR – Seeks to create a space that finds ways for people with disabilities to rise above the resistance of their disability. We aim to create greater awareness around disability and lending us a special opportunity to bring people together around a common objective through education, support, and intercommunication.
  4. True Colors – Fosters an open and inclusive work environment where LGBTQIA+ Team Members feel comfortable bringing their true selves to work each day.  We believe all team members deserve equal opportunity to learn, develop, and grow in their personal and professional lives, and are free to show their True Colors.
  5. WiSDOM – Champion, inspire, and connect women and their allies by leveraging our global network, empowering our members to maximize their power of possible.

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