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LSG Sky Chefs is best known as one of the world’s largest airlines catering and hospitality company. It has two strong independent brands:

LSG Sky Chefs is the world’s largest airline catering company. LSG Sky Chefs proudly produces over 628 million airline meals a year and has a strong growing presence in convenience retail operations and food subscription services.  With a strong presence in airline catering they are responsible for supporting airlines with a wide selection of related services. These include lounge catering, hospitality, airline consulting, last-mile logistics and more. 

Retail inMotion specializes in on-board retail, product development and technology solutions.  With a deep understanding of the evolving needs of our customers, we design solutions that touch passengers every day

Together we fulfill our mission to connect Food and People everywhere.

Sustainability on a global scale

People. Planet. Prosperity.

We adopt a holistic view on the topic, clustering our activities into three pillars:

Healthy People. Healthy Planet. Healthy Prosperity.

Our sustainability approach is aligned with that of the United Nations, prioritizing six of the Sustainable Development Goals. Addressing the unique needs of the different regions requires understanding and empathy. That is why most of our efforts start locally in our units and divisions.

Sustainability is not just a corporate byword.  Each of our 39 CSC’s have an opportunity to impact their communities.  Whether through reducing waste in Zero to Land Fill initiatives, feeding the homeless, or taking part in Arbor Day activities, we at LSG Sky Chefs recognize our role in contributing to the communities we belong to.

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We connect food and people. Everywhere.

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