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Looking for an innovative career move? You’re in the right place!

You might not have heard of us before, but WillScot Mobile Mini is the leader in providing innovative, flexible workspace and portable storage solutions.

We serve a wide range of customers across all sectors from our network of approximately 240 branch locations across the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Our customers include:

  • Commercial and industrial construction
  • Retail and wholesale trade
  • Education
  • Energy and natural resources
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • And many more!

Our customers come to us with unique challenges, and our teams are great at finding unrivaled creative solutions to help them out!

By investing in the latest technology and equipment, we ensure everyone who seeks our help receives the best service possible. No matter the complexity of the challenge – we’re on hand to find the right solutions and ensure our customers are Ready to Work.


240 Locations
5,044 Employees
2020 Established through a Merger

Why Work for Us?

We take a holistic approach to our talent initiatives. Our employee value proposition is simple: every day our team delivers excellent service to our customers, and we are committed to delivering an employee experience that creates opportunity and ensures dignity for all.

Employee Engagement

We are committed to keeping our employees informed and engaged about company news and events while helping them connect to our strategy and values. We share information through a range of channels and actively engage with our employees in topics that impact their experiences at work. Employee feedback is leveraged to shape policies, processes, and other aspects of our workplace.

In October 2021, we conducted our first combined company Engagement Survey after the WillScot Mobile Mini merger. Roughly two-thirds of our employee population participated in the survey. Results were positive, with an overall engagement score of 74%. Our ongoing engagement survey strategy involves quarterly pulse surveys with broad engagement surveys slated every 18 to 24 months. Given the feedback received in 2021, we launched several projects to deliver on opportunities, including “Project Fusion,” focusing on enhancements to our CRM application, career mapping to show employees the future possibilities for their careers, and our “Give Where You Live” program, providing employees opportunities to give their time, talent and/or treasures to local organizations. We continually seek employee feedback on a quarterly basis through town halls, surveys and a feedback email box.

Our Values

Our company values provide the foundation for a unified company. This includes how we work, make decisions, and support one another:

Dedicated to Health & Safety

We take responsibility for our own well-being and for those around us. Health and safety are first, last and everything in-between.

Committed to Inclusion & Diversity

We are stronger together when we celebrate our differences and strive for inclusiveness. We encourage collaboration and support the diverse voices and thoughts of our employees and communities.

Driven to Excellence

We measure success through our results and the achievement of our goals. We continuously improve ourselves, our products, and services in pursuit of shareholder value.

Trustworthy & Reliable

We hold ourselves accountable to do the right thing.

Devoted to our Customers

We anticipate the growing needs of our customers, exceed their expectations, and make it easy to do business with us.

Community Focused

We actively engage in the communities we serve and deliver sustainable solutions.

If you’re looking for an exciting job opportunity, WillScot Mobile Mini might be the perfect place to explore!

Rewards, Health, and Wellbeing

We crafted our Total Rewards strategy focusing on the health and wellbeing of our employees. We do this, in part, by ensuring competitive pay at every level of the organization. We utilize internationally recognized human capital consultant data to set and maintain pay ranges and pay levels across the organization.

Our benefits begin with a centralized focus on our employees. We use High Deductible Healthcare Plans to promote positive consumer behaviors and pay 70% of the cost of employee premiums. We mitigate the burden on employees from these plans by seeding their Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) at the beginning of the year, covering between 35% and 50% of their deductibles. We also provide a biometric screening incentive, enabling employees to earn an additional HSA contribution.

Our Approach

We see inclusion and diversity as two distinct opportunities.

Building a diverse organization is only sustainable if all employees feel included. They must be empowered to come to work as their authentic selves every day and have their ideas heard. We know we are strongest when we celebrate our various perspectives, backgrounds, cultures, skills, and ideas. Ours is an atmosphere of open collaboration and opportunity for all.


WillScot Mobile Mini has a strong heritage of sustainability. Every year our business provides reusable, relocatable, reconfigurable options for more than 100 million square feet of office and storage space. That’s an area larger than 2,000 football fields. We do this from approximately 240 branch locations across North America, with a trucking fleet seven times larger than our nearest competitor.

Building A Circular Economy

Our business model is founded on the circular principles of reduce, reuse, recycle.

WillScot Mobile Mini has implemented circular economy practices for decades. Our office and storage units are designed to be reused, relocated, reconfigured, and refurbished. Circular by design, our lease-and-renew business model helps our customers achieve their ESG goals by reducing material usage, emissions, and costs.

Reducing Greenhouse Gases

We are evolving our fleet toward lower emission fuels and vehicles.

Our greenhouse gas footprint and risk are small, but we can still produce positive impacts that directly align with cost efficiency and customer benefits. Our business requires management of a diverse and active delivery and set-up fleet and operation of yard equipment, from toters to forklifts.

Today, our fleet primarily runs on diesel fuel. We are replacing older diesel trucks with vehicles that have more efficient engines and are exploring options for utilizing alternative fuel.

Innovating For Good

We are empowering customers with solutions for better business and a better world.

We are constantly developing new solutions to help our customers improve their businesses and be better corporate citizens. From our patented Tri-Cam Locking System® for portable storage units, to our unmatched FLEX™ modular office space, we are the industry’s most innovative partner in reducing material usage, boosting energy efficiency, improving occupant wellness, and driving sustainable economic growth.

Learning and Development

Our company is the industry leader and the best place to work because our people never stop learning, growing, and advancing. We provide a wide range of resources for both professional and personal development. We foster an environment allowing our people to improve themselves, enhance their skills, become more engaged, and be effective colleagues and leaders.

The Learning Hub

Our Learning Hub was launched in July 2021. This platform offers a consistent learning experience for new hires, support, and training on compliance for all employees, and a library of 6,000+ courses to provide continued learning and development for all.

Leadership Development Program (LDP)

Our foundational leadership development program, the LDP, helps our leaders in advancing their skills, business knowledge, and commercial acumen in better executing company strategy. The curriculum is designed around the WillScot Mobile Mini value proposition, helping participants make the shift from an execution mindset to one of leadership. Since 2015, more than 500 leaders have participated in this program.

The LDP was recalibrated and relaunched for WillScot Mobile Mini in October 2021 after taking a brief pause during COVID19. Nearly 140 leaders have gone through this revised program, and we have another 30 starting their LDP experience in August 2023.

Tuition Assistance Program

The Tuition Assistance Program gives employees the opportunity to enhance their knowledge. WillScot Mobile Mini will reimburse eligible employees continuing their education through programs, courses, and certifications offered by accredited institutions. We reimburse up to $5,250 each year per employee in the US and Canada.

ESG Academy

To achieve our ESG goals, it is imperative that our workforce understands the purpose of ESG, what WillScot Mobile Mini is doing to pursue that purpose, and how each employee can contribute. Thus, we have taken the first step and have launched an internal ESG Academy program, required for all new hires, to help employees expand their knowledge and become more engaged.

Driver Apprentice Program

Launched in October 2021, our Driver Apprentice Program builds a pipeline of qualified Commercial Class A (CDL) Drivers, providing development opportunities for candidates interested in becoming CDL drivers.

To date, we have hired 39 apprentices, of which 20 have graduated and converted to CDL Drivers, and 10 are currently in the program. This new program offers internal development opportunities for current employees to become driver trainers.

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Inclusion and Diversity

WillScot Mobile Mini is the undisputed leader in providing innovative flexible workspace and portable storage solutions, serving diverse markets across all sectors of the economy.

Inclusion and diversity are core to our business. Our five inclusive resource teams (IRTs) are voluntary, employee-led groups fostering an inclusive and diverse workplace aligned with our values and strategy. Each of our IRTs hosts regular events and fundraisers to educate our teams and create greater understanding of our employees’ unique experiences.

The company also has its Inclusion & Diversity (I&D) Council that is a collaborative team composed of representatives from various functions, responsible for governing and overseeing the organization’s Inclusion & Diversity initiatives.

Each IRT supports its members and educates employees company-wide about the culture, workplace experiences, and unique perspectives of the group through meetings, events, and community service. The PRISM IRT, for example, recently participated in a PRIDE event in Orlando, Florida.

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