Automotive & Mechanics

If you love all things cars, vehicles, hands-on work and technology – an automotive-related career can be a great way to follow your passion!

Automotives, vehicles, and all kinds of transport are a vital part of the infrastructure in a range of other industries – and there’s a lot to explore if you’re interested in the sector.

It’s not just about driving or being a car mechanic – the automotive industry is broad and encompasses a variety of activities, including:

  • Retailing of vehicles, parts and tools.
  • Parts manufacturing.
  • Mechanical and electrical engineering.
  • Repair and maintenance of cars, trucks and heavy goods vehicles.
  • Repair and service of bicycles, outdoor power equipment, marine vessels and motorcycles.
  • Non-car manufacturing.

As the automotive industry continues to expand and grow with innovations like self-driving cars and electric vehicles, more opportunities are entering the market in terms of the types of jobs and career paths available.

The safe and reliable maintenance and management of vehicles directly impacts the ability of others to do their jobs. From the mailmen who deliver your post to delivery drivers in all walks of life, ambulance and medical transportation, public transport and more.

We’ve also seen some exciting career paths open up within the bicycle retail, repair and maintenance sector.

There are multiple ways to get started in the industry, depending on the type of role you’d ultimately like to land. This includes trainee and apprenticeships, degree pathways, and direct employment.