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At Harley-Davidson, we are building more than machines. We stand for the timeless pursuit of adventure. Freedom for the soul. Harley-Davidson embodies a quest for adventure, and a passion to deliver and experience the unexpected. This passion forges desirability – a strong emotional connection between people and our products and the wider Harley-Davidson community.

To keep building our legend and leading our industry through innovation, evolution, and emotion we need the best and brightest talent.


Harley-Davidson is positioning itself as an industry leader through a people-centered approach to our Future of Work efforts, with a focus on personal well-being and performance outcomes.

As you continue to design your life around the things that matter the most, Harley-Davidson offers a variety of flexible work arrangements to fit a variety of circumstances.

Whether you prefer to work at a company location or live and work far from the office, Harley-Davidson has roles to fit your personal preferences.

  • Our manufacturing facilities welcome a staff of dedicated employees daily to support the creation of the most desirable motorcycles in the world.
  • Because most of our non-manufacturing roles are not tightly linked to a physical location, we maximize the degree of personal flexibility in where, when and how you accomplish your work.
  • Harley-Davidson office locations are being reimagined to support our distributed workforce and Virtual Mindset principles as we level the playing field and maximize personal flexibility.


1903 founded
5,000+ employees
Milwaukee, WI headquarters

Why Harley-Davidson?

  • Involved in Work That Matters:  We offer big, impactful, and visible career opportunities – there is a lot to do.
  • Winning Culture: Our team is laser-focused each day on winning.
  • Paving your Own Path:  We’re leading the way in building the Future of Work and offer flexibility to work when, where, and how you’d like with time off to recharge, renew, and make room for the fun that fuels your passion and the things that bring you joy.
  • Rewarding & Supporting our Best:  We celebrate performance over tenure, and we support our employees in personal development.
  • Passionate about our Purpose & Brand:  You will be part of something bigger. You will play a direct role in the legacy and future of the Brand.  You also get to ride motorcycles and wear our clothing. If you want.


Harley-Davidson employees enjoy a comprehensive benefits package that’s geared toward their individual lifestyles – providing employees the freedom to choose the benefits that work best for them and their families. This includes, but is not limited to, annual bonus programs, health insurance benefits, a 401k plan, onsite fitness centers, and employee stores, employee discounts on products and accessories, and more!

We welcome everybody to join our family and be united no matter who you are or where you come from.

Harley-Davidson’s compensation package in the United States offers a variety of benefits.

  • Medical Plan
  • Prescription Drug Plan
  • Dental Plan
  • Vision Plan
  • 401(k) Retirement Plan
  • Life Insurance
  • Disability Benefits
  • Employee Assistance Plan
  • Flexible Spending Accounts
  • Vacation and Holidays
  • Discounts and/or Financing on Company Products, including Motorcycles
  • Wellness Resources
  • Variable Compensation Programs
  • Tuition reimbursement for Riding Academy new rider course
  • Charitable partnerships and volunteer opportunities
  • Matching programs for United Way contributions

 Apprenticeship Programs

Our Apprenticeship Programs are Wisconsin registered apprenticeships and are designed to provide real-world, hands-on experience, while also providing classroom learning through a local technical college. Harley-Davidson will cover the cost of tuition and books for all related apprenticeship coursework. Programs focus on key fields where Harley-Davidson is looking for talent – each one is used as a feeder for our Journey-level Skilled Trades Workforce in the same field.

We Offer Apprenticeship Positions for:

  • Maintenance Mechanic/Machine Repair
  • Maintenance Toolmaker/Tool & Die
  • Maintenance Electrical/Industrial Electrician
  • Maintenance Technician

Our Culture

H-D#1 defines our company’s soul and spirit. Represented by our recognizable #1 logo which was introduced in 1969 to celebrate a National Racing Championship, the #1 logo is uniquely ours – an iconic symbol of winning and the hard work it takes to get there. Our team, made up of employees and dealers, rally around ten H-D#1 leadership principles that are core to our winning, high-performance culture.

The H-D#1 Leadership Principles


Communicate with purpose, structure, facts, and inspiration


Focus on impact, not process, and be outcome driven


Don’t let perfection get in the way of process and pace


Take risks and go against the norm


Focus on a short list of meaningful opportunities that build desirability


Accelerate, innovate and thrive in a rapidly changing environment


Pursue the simplest path to achieve each outcome


Be fair, honest, positive and creative. Strive to win and have fun.


Think strategically and make informed decisions


Maximize impact with limited resources

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