Multi-Color Corporation

Multi-Color Corporation (MCC) is a global leader in prime label solutions, providing innovative and sustainable solutions to some of the world’s most recognizable brands across a broad range of consumer-oriented end categories. MCC is committed to delivering the world’s best label solutions for their customers to build their brands and add value to the communities in which they operate. Since its inception in 1916, MCC has continuously added new print technologies and innovations that augment our ability to serve our customers. Today, MCC operates globally with 100+ plants in over 25 countries and 12,000+ employees.


Our diverse global workforce is a direct reflection of our corporate values and the workplace culture we foster at MCC. We understand that our collective strength as an organization is rooted in our ability to celebrate and embrace the diversity that exists in our wide and varied individual backgrounds, unique life experiences, differing skillsets, distinct personal talents, and independent perspectives. At MCC, we respect and appreciate that there is value in our differences, and we maintain a shared commitment to cultivating an inclusive and welcoming workplace environment.


Alone we are but a single piece of thread. Together, we are the strong, vibrant fabric of MCC.


Coming to MCC, you’ll find a premium on doing the right thing as a company. We pride ourselves on being a responsible corporate citizen and practicing that ethic in everything we do. Our credo “Labeled with Care” expresses the care and passion that go into each label we create—and more than that, the environmental, social and governance strategies in place to instill care in how we treat teammates and the communities in which we operate. We participate in international sustainability partnerships to lower our carbon footprint and promote environmental well-being at every tier of our operations. We also have in place rigorous policies to govern the legal, ethical and social practices of MCC’s suppliers and other partners with whom we do business.

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What it’s like to work at MCC

One of the most common observations new teammates make about MCC is that we feel like a family business. Even though we are one of the largest label providers in the world, we’ve worked hard to preserve the local, autonomous features of each of our sites—many of which originated as local, and often family-run, companies before joining the MCC family. That quality of decision-making autonomy and local culture means that we can nimbly respond to the needs of our customers in each region. And it means a uniquely high level of individual attention and support for our people.

Our global culture is expressed through companywide systems, processes, and expectations for safety and performance. Most importantly, whatever your location or role at MCC, you’ll see our True Colors behaviors in action. These are the five core behaviors that all MCC are expected to demonstrate on a daily basis:

  • Accountability: Doing what you say you’ll do; delivering on commitments and holding others to the same standard.
  • Drive for Results: Getting the job done even when it’s hard.
  • Innovation: Always improving and looking for better–more creative, efficient, and sustainable–ways to do things.
  • Customer focus: Putting the needs of the customer first, characterized by active listening and persevering to deliver “on time and in full,” whatever the job.
  • Teamwork: Acting as team to find and deliver solutions, without ego. We refer to our employees as “teammates” to underline this key value.


Every voice counts
Another key part of our culture is employee listening and feedback gathering. From regular town halls to informal “hangouts” with senior leaders that are open to all staff, we prioritize opportunities for teammates to speak up about what’s on their minds and ask questions. In turn, our leadership team is committed to openness and transparency regarding how we’re doing and where we can improve. That starts with our CEO and cascades down to local leaders and managers around the world.

Our annual all-teammate engagement survey invites feedback from everyone about how we’re doing–as a business and a culture–and where we can improve. MCC’s leadership team uses that input to help set our strategic priorities each year. All leaders and managers receive guidance for how to localize improvements for their areas.


Making real things
The majority of our teammates work in production environments. Their work is industry-leading, showcasing the cutting edge of operational and technical innovation. But the job is old-school, too. Working on an MCC shop floor is a tangible experience where you’ll put your hands, mind and heart into creating products with care and craft. If you speak to teammates at our plants, you’ll hear the excitement and pride that comes with creating the most technically sophisticated labels for the world’s best-known companies. Working at MCC you will feel rewarded every time you see a product with an MCC label on a store shelf, knowing that you had a hand in creating something special.

Environmental and Sustainability

MCC integrates sustainability into every facet of our business. We are committed to continuous improvement and lead by our actions, inspiring customers, employees, and suppliers to join us in creating a brighter future. We call this ethos Labeled with Care, and it informs everything from our daily actions to the large-scale business decisions we make.

At MCC, care is the expertise and passion our teammates invest in doing things the right way. It’s taking the lead on environmental topics through social commitments and thought leadership. It’s working with key stakeholders and partners to ensure we are up to date with industry issues impacting customers. And it’s the spirit of continuous improvement in our products and operations.

Our sustainability pillars

  • People – we care about our people and local communities.
  • Operations – we care about the planet and your success.
  • Products – we care about solving problems through innovation.

We firmly believe it’s possible to be sustainable while still being consumer-driven, functional, compliant, and profitable. Labeled with Care is our pledge to ensure the success of our customers and stakeholders through innovation, sustainability, and customer-centricity in every label we create.


Looking to work for the best in the business? Consider a career with MCC. We are the leading provider of premier label solutions for the biggest consumer brands in the world. Companies large and small around the world turn to us for the most innovative, durable and sustainable label solutions to help them bring their products to market. Our labels inform, inspire, engage, and connect emotionally with hundreds of millions of consumers every day around the world. Thanks to our solid customer partnerships and laser focus on sustainability and new technologies, we’re looking forward to continuous sustained growth for the long term.

Working at MCC, you’ll deliver outstanding work on behalf of incredible brands to make a positive difference in people’s lives. You also have the opportunity to collaborate with the most experienced operational, technical, commercial and business professionals anywhere. If you want a career where you can do interesting and challenging work every day—where the only limit is your imagination—MCC may be for you.

Career Development

Cultivating great talent is a top priority at MCC. Whatever your role, you’ll find a range of training and developmental opportunities so you can keep continuously growing, personally and professionally. This includes technical training on safety, lean manufacturing, and equipment operation; online and in-person professional skills instruction; and focused trainings for new leaders and certain roles. For some positions and skills, we also provide opportunities for job shadowing and relocation on a temporary or permanent basis.

All teammates at MCC are expected to work with their managers to create annual performance goals. These tie to our merit review process and salary increases, as well as opportunities for professional development. All people managers are expected to have ongoing career and performance conversations, too. These are ways for managers and teammates to openly discuss career next steps and the training and support requirements to get there.


We want working at MCC to be a personally and financially sustainable prospect for all our teammates. While pay and benefits are governed by your global location, we provide market-level pay and benefits in every region that we operate. We continuously review our teammate-facing programs to ensure they are competitive at both a market level and in terms of what our teammates value. Talk to your MCC recruiter for more information.

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