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Manufacturing, Transport & Logistics

Quala/PSC are nationwide leaders in tank maintenance, parts, cleaning and inspections of all types of tank containers. Read on to learn about our maintenance services and capabilities.

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Located strategically across the United States, Quala/PSC Maintenance has the most expansive network of tank trailer and tank truck service centers in the industry. Specializing in all makes and models, PSC’s certified shops provide it all–from inspections and repairs to full refurbishment, tractor rig-outs, and specialized fabrication and customization such as pumping and metering systems. With a nationwide footprint and competitive pricing on labor and parts, there’s never been a better time to choose the Tank Pros at Quala/PSC.

Maintenance Services Performed

Repairs: Our team brings you quality professional service when you need it, where you need it. From periodic inspections to major repairs, PSC recognizes that utilization is key to your profitability. Our Tank Pros will get your tank trailer or tank truck through the shop and back on the road as rapidly as possible.

Testing: Be at ease knowing your partnered with a experienced staff capable of testing ABS/RSS, Engine Codes, Transmission Codes, Lights, Tank Trailer Pressure and Thickness and more.

Inspections: Specializing in all makes and models, PSC’s “R” stamped shops provide it all*–from D.O.T. inspections, pre-loading inspections, mobile tank testing and inspection, cargo hose testing and certification, and much  more!

Parts: The PSC parts team is trained and committed to keep your fleet on the road and operating safely. Our associates are experts in tank-related parts and accessories, as well as common replacement items such as brakes and lights. Our facilities are fully stocked with high-quality products for all manufacturers and all configurations of tank trailers. These products can be accessed any day, any time, through our customized parts portal.

Equipment: PSC offers a variety of new and pre-owned equipment inventory for fleets of all sizes. Search our inventory and find the equipment that’s fit for your fleet.

Bulk Unloading: PSC offers bulk unloading pumps, blowers and compressors including oil-free options, customizable for your needs and built with proven components. We also offer Polar-Pac, an engineered liquid bulk unloading solution.

PSC’s highly trained service staff understands that you depend on your equipment to operate your business and is committed to keeping you on the road. When your company’s equipment requires service, PSC is the place to go for quality, competent service every single time. Our fully stocked expert repair shops provide cloud-based inspection results and free, no-obligation repair estimates on any unit brought into our shops. We track each piece of equipment so that all of our nationwide locations know what work has been done, whenever and wherever you show up.

  • Fast & Accurate Estimates
  • Pick Up & Delivery Available
  • 6 Month Parts & Labor Warranty
  • Cloud-Based Inspections
  • Heil & Polar Factory Warranty


The Tank Pros at PSC will get your trailer fixed right… the first time… every time! 

  • DOT & HM Inspections
  • National Board (R) Certified Welders
  • Pit Repair
  • Jacket Replacement & Repair
  • Brakes
  • Suspension
  • Overfill Systems
  • ABS Systems
  • Suspensions Rebuilt or Replaced
  • Custom Upfitting
  • Custom Fabrication
  • Minor & Major Barrel Repairs
  • Major Tank Trailer Vessel Rebuilts Including Barrel Replacement
  • Pre-Loading Inspection
  • Tank Remount
  • Specialized Repairs & Truck-Mounted Tanks
  • Truck Repair at Select Locations
  • Tank Wash at Select Locations
  • Mobile Tank Testing & Inspection
  • Mobile Repair
  • Hydraulic Systems


We share one planet and the resources on it.

“Quala assumes the responsibility to leave our environment in a better place than we found it.”
Brian Bolinger | VP of Environmental Health & Safety

Quala/PSC are committed to being industry leaders in environmental stewardship. Our use of advanced technology like earth-friendly safe cleaning products, recycling, and reducing waste are some of the everyday practices we deploy in our operations. We are always looking at ways to reduce our overall carbon footprint at locations and communities where we do business. We are committed to the necessary resources to protect the environment and we not only comply with all applicable environmental laws we strive to improve upon them. We operate under all of the proper permits and agreements within every community where we do business.

Our Vision and Mission


To have Quala/PSC recognized as professional bodies for growing our network, empowering the safe movement of essential ingredients, focusing on customer service and people, and developing a sustainable green future.


To develop excellence in what we do, dedication to growth, improvement, and maintaining high standards and a commitment to continually striving for excellence in all aspects of its operations, services, and partnerships.

Earning people’s trust highlights the central role of our relationships with people, including customers, employees, and the communities it serves. Trust is earned through transparency, reliability, and delivering on promises.

Our Values



Trust: At Quala/PSC, trust is woven into every interaction, ensuring confidence in our services and relationships.

Inclusivity: Embracing diversity, Quala/PSC fosters an inclusive environment where all voices are valued and heard.

Responsible: Quala/PSC upholds a commitment to responsible practices, ensuring accountability in every aspect of our operations.

Industrious: Driven by dedication, Quala/PSC embodies industriousness, consistently striving for excellence in all endeavors.

Ethical: Ethics are at the heart of Quala/PSC’s mission, guiding every decision with integrity and honesty.

Innovative: Quala/PSC pioneers innovation, constantly pushing boundaries to shape the future of our industry.


Safety is paramount at Quala/PSC, building trust through our unwavering commitment to ensuring the well-being of all.

Apprenticeship Program

About our program
  • Basic Understanding & Development of Skills (BUDS)
  • Provides an entry-level opportunity into the Cargo Tank Motor Vehicle Inspection and Repair Industry.
  • You can earn while you learn from an experienced Technician.
  • Provides comprehensive one-to-one mentorship hands-on training including technical education.
  • Offers a productive learning experience with stated objectives and measurable results that are rewarded.
  • Provides a distinct and direct pathway to achieving those skills, qualifications and certifications necessary to grow in a unique and in-demand profession.
Program Commitment
  • Dedicated volunteered mentors trained on curriculum
  • Apprentice Receives:
    • On-the-job training
    • Related instruction
    • Certifications
    • Proficiency for Tech level
  • Available Benefits
    • Employer supplied tools
    • Company provided benefits

Apprenticeships – Typical Work

Inspector Technician objectives
  • Complete tablet training
  • Identify vehicle types and configurations.
  • Learn inspection processes (FMCSA) for brakes and vehicle chassis
  • Replace brake and wheel end components.
  • Learn inspection processes (PHMSA) for all tank types
  • Learn process to take failed tanks to compliance
  • Learn to operate ABS Diagnostic equipment, Lite Check and Manometer
  • Learn to replace cargo tank components, i.e. valves, fittings, vents, gaskets and leak test repairs.
Welder Fabricator objectives
  • Learn fabrication equipment, i.e. Press Brake, Roll, Shear, Iron Worker, Lock-Formers.
  • Dedicated to earning weld certification
  • ASME Code Qualifications in GMAW and/or GTAW; 2G (Vertical Up), 3G (Horizontal) and 4G (Overhead) positions.
  • Learn to fill pits, repair cracks, install flush patches and sections and pressure test repairs.
  • Shell replacement and pit repairs
  • Jacket removal and replacement

Program Commitment

  • Dedicated volunteered mentors trained on curriculum
  • Apprentice Receives:
    • On-the-job training
    • Related instruction
    • Certifications
    • Proficiency for Tech level
    • Available Benefits
    • Employer supplied tools
    • Company provided benefits

Commitment from the Apprentice

  • Focus on learning
  • Meet learning criteria
  • Self-motivated to earn certifications
  • Earn and learn – Tech I wages from day one
  • Increased skills
  • Higher wages
  • Career advancement
  • Certifications
  • Technician Monthly Bonus upon reaching a Tech II position
  • Eligible for Health Insurance & 401K
  • Tool Assistance Program after graduating the program

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