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From Dough to Development: Navigating Your Career with Sara Lee Frozen Bakery!

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“There’s always more. Never stop being willing to learn or being excited or passionate about learning. That’s how you stay relevant. That’s how you stay ahead of the curve.”

 We knew when we asked a human resources manager for their top advice for students, they’d give us something spectacular!

Tony, HR Manager with Sara Lee Frozen Bakeries, has some fantastic advice, insights, and guidance for anyone looking to start their career. Alongside the skills and qualities that will help you stand out from the pack, Tony also shares his views on technology and how we can embrace advancements in our careers.

Join Tony in our latest employee interview to learn more about:

  • Who Sara Lee Frozen Bakery is, what they do, and why you probably know more about them than you think!
  • What Tony’s role involves and what a typical work day for him might look like.
  • An overview of the incredible range of roles and opportunities to start your career with Sara Lee.
  • What makes working at Sara Lee a great place to work, and what sets them apart from others in the industry.
  • Who Sara Lee is looking for to join them including the top skills they want to see you demonstrate!

This is an excellent watch for anyone uncertain about their next steps and needing a fresh hit of motivation and inspiration!

Find Out More

Sara Lee desserts have always stood for incredible flavor and superior value in the frozen food aisle and away-from-home markets.

What started as a small Chicago bakery has transformed into an industry-leading maker of frozen bakery and desserts, committed to delivering quality and value – and serving up some incredible career opportunities!

Find your next opportunity with these legends at their dedicated Explore Careers profile.

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