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Start Your Career With a Smile at Burger King!

17 February 2023
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We know that Burger King is a company that needs NO introduction (we are big fans!), but we also know many have strong ideas about ‘who’ should work for them.

The truth is? There’s a LOT of opportunity with these global burger leaders.

After 32 years working for them, it’s something Bonnie can testify to! Starting in high school, her incredible career has seen her take on several development opportunities, landing in her current role as District Manager.

Hear from Bonnie as she shares:

  • More about who Burger King is, their reach, and its locations.
  • How Bonnie got started in her career as a high school student and worked her way up to District Manager.
  • How Burger King fully supports everyone to have the career they want with them.
  • The incredible training programs available for early career starters, including how they can help support and pay for your education.
  • Why Burger King is so much more than ‘just’ a stepping stone; it’s your portal to a lifelong career!

Bonnie’s passion for her work shines through, and we love the ethos that everything Burger King does is about the people they support and serve!

Find Out More

Carrols Corporation, headquartered in Syracuse, NY, is the largest Burger King franchise in the world. Carrols owns over 1,000 restaurants under the Burger King and Popeyes brands.

Their success can be attributed to their dedicated employees focused on providing outstanding service and quality products for our customers. Everyone, from the CEO to Assistant Managers, has a clear understanding and vision of our business and organizational goals.

Find out more at their dedicated employer profile right here at Explore Careers.

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