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Summertime & Sodas: Fill Your Work Days With FUN at PepsiCo Beverages!

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Pop a soda can, pull up a seat, and get ready to explore one of our bubbliest employer partners: Pepsi!

Valerie, Sourcing & Hiring Manager, is just the person to hear from to learn all about the roles, growth, opportunities, benefits, and training Pepsi offers to potential and existing employees!

Hear from Valerie and discover:

  • More about who Pepsi are – and the wide range of products they produce beyond Pepsi!
  • What Valerie’s role involves, and her pathway so far with Pepsi.
  • What drew Valerie to work for the company, and why the focus on people is one of the best aspects of working for such a global company.
  • How people don’t realize the complexities of such a large organization and the wide range of opportunities available in this diverse industry.
  • What progression, training, and career growth opportunities look like within the company – including gaining career-supporting qualifications!

Alongside Valerie’s top advice for anyone interested in exploring a role with Pepsi, this is a talk filled with insights that are not to be missed!

Be Part of Something Beneficial

Pepsi prides itself on ensuring that all employees get the most out of their time with them. Your well-being is their priority!

When you join the team at Pepsi, you get access to:

  • A comprehensive health and insurance program: This includes but is not limited to medical, dental, vision, and company-provided life insurance. They also have a 401(k) Savings Plan with Company match and a Company-Provided Retirement Plan.
  • Healthy Living and Healthy Money Programs: These programs are focused on supporting your mental and financial wellness. Healthy Living includes nutrition programs and virtual therapy, and by participating in Healthy Living programs, employees have the opportunity to earn up to $300 annually plus an additional $300 for their covered spouse or partner. Healthy Money includes free financial counseling, monthly webinars, online financial planning tools, and more!
  • Work/Life benefits: These help employees balance responsibilities both at home and on the job. These include a comprehensive employee discount program to help your hard-earned paycheck go further.

Find Out More

At Pepsi, every day is an adventure and an opportunity for personal and professional growth!

Pepsi is committed to supporting high-performing individuals and teams and works hard to deliver high-quality careers and products!

Head to the exclusive Pepsi employer profile now to learn more and start your journey with them!

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