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From Intimidated to Intern Confidence with Amsted Rail!

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Taking your first steps into the workplace can be daunting and intimidating – we know many young people feel this way when transitioning out of high school!

But it doesn’t have to be this way, says Charlie, a current IT Intern with Amsted Rail, who tells us he’s been able to go from feeling intimidated to fully confident thanks to the support he’s received in his role.

Internships definitely aren’t just for college graduates! Join Charlie as he shares:

  • More about who Amsted Rail is and what they do.
  • What attracted Charlie to apply for the internship, and what he is loving so far.
  • What a typical day as an intern might involve.
  • How his experience so far is helping Charlie develop his skills to continue pursuing a career in the sector.
  • How the internship is tailored to his needs and preferences which has helped Charlie grow in confidence.

Find Out More

Amsted Rail is a leading global provider of innovative solutions for the rail industry, renowned for its cutting-edge engineering, manufacturing, and service excellence.

Specializing in freight rail technologies, the company designs and produces a wide range of components and systems, including advanced railcar undercarriage solutions, energy-efficient bearings, and other vital components critical to the smooth operation of rail networks.

With a dedicated team and a global presence, Amsted Rail remains at the forefront of rail industry advancements, contributing to a more sustainable and connected world.

Find out more in our dedicated employer profile!

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