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Turning a Job into a Fully Fledged Career Path With Goodwill!

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What’s it like to work for a community-focused not-for-profit that’s all about helping others get a fresh start in life?

Well, it’s pretty amazing, according to Joseph and Adrian! As Hr Business Manager and District Director, they see all parts of the business and the incredible work that Goodwill does that benefits more than just their employees.

Join us in our latest employee interview as Joseph and Adrian share:

  • More about who Goodwill are, what they do, and the different parts of the business.
  • The personal traits and developed skills that led them to work with Goodwill.
  • Why working with Goodwill is so much more than a job.
  • What makes Goodwill a great workplace and the breadth of opportunities beyond retail.
  • How Goodwill continues to help them grow as professionals and supportive members of their wider community.
  • Their best advice they would give their younger selves.

We loved this inspiring, motivating talk, and we know you will too – don’t miss out on the excellent advice Joseph and Adrian have to share!

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At Goodwill of North Georgia; it starts with a mission – to put people to work.

Goodwill Industries of North Georgia maintains jobs for more than 200 people with severe disabilities. Last fiscal year, those team members maintained more than 3 million sq. ft. of office space daily at nine federal government and commercial contract sites.

Find out more about this phenomenal enterprise and how to get started with a career at Goodwill at Explore Careers today!

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