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The Future of Work: Explore America’s Booming Industries

03 September 2022   |   by Explore Careers
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PSA: The Future of Work? Not as big and scary as you might think it is!

It’s tough out there but not hopeless (despite what some naysayers might have you believe), and we’re here to set the record straight.

We’re on a mission to recast the Future of Work and Youth Employment in a positive light by bringing you the most up-to-date information and practical, actionable guidance to help you stay ahead of the curve.

Knowledge is power and all that.

This week, we’re looking at some of America’s booming industries to highlight how things are growing and where you might want to put your career sights.

Let’s get into it!

5 of America’s Booming Industries

When we say ‘booming’ industry, we’re focused on the ones that have ongoing employment opportunities, offer a variety of entry-level roles and provide opportunities for career growth and progression.

Based on IBISWorld’s expert analysis and database of 1,300+ US industries, these are the ones to focus on by volume of employment in 2022:

1. Education & the Public School System

The education system in the U.S. is huge and includes elementary (kindergarten to fifth grade), middle schools (sixth or seventh through eighth grade), and high schools (ninth through 12th grade).

Working within education isn’t just about being a teacher. The education and school system are supported by a vast range of roles, including business support and administrative staff, teaching aides and assistants, catering and facilities management, IT support, school bus drivers, school nursing and health support – and more!

Employment Number for 2022: 6,646,292

2. Healthcare, Medicine & Hospitals

Hospitals are central to the healthcare provision across the U.S. and form a significant part of the industry in terms of employment and job creation.

As well as medical staff, the industry is buoyed by a range of healthcare, wellness, and support functions. This includes business management and administrative staff, policy and governance, IT and technological services, drivers, emergency workers, pharmacy and drug testing, aged care and disability support, catering, cleaning and facilities management – just to scratch the surface!

Employment Number for 2022: 5,041,722

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3. Fast Food Services & Restaurants

This one might not have been on your radar, but in terms of job growth, job creation, and availability of work, the fast food services and restaurant industry is huge!

The rising popularity of fast-casual restaurants has benefited this industry as a whole, helping the industry maintain growth before, during, and following the pandemic.

Fast food services is a diverse industry, with plenty of opportunity for anyone willing to commit and see where it could take them. From entry-level customer-facing roles to leadership and management, warehousing, supply chain, maintenance, and innovation – there’s a lot of scope to explore your career options.

Employment Number for 2022: 4,791,005

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4. Business & Administrative Services

You may have picked up on a theme reading through the previous industries; business and administrative services are a huge part of every other industry.

These roles perform a huge variety of functions that help ensure businesses, professionals, and other groups are able to do their roles efficiently and effectively. In terms of job roles, this could be receptionist and front desk staff, office managers and assistants, business and governance support, customer support, personal assistance, and executive assistants.

Employment Number for 2022: 3,495,824

5. Professional Services

Professional services employment opportunities are also focused on supporting the effective and efficient running of a business. They work alongside business and administrative services to deliver on specialist requirements the business has.

Professional services include functions like human resources, accounting and finance, IT support, marketing and communications – and more.

These roles all work to make sure the business or organization is able to operate to the best of its capacity, achieving set goals and missions.

Employment Number for 2022: 369,017

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Find Out More

This is just a brief overview, and of course, anything can change!

Based on the types of employers partnering with us, we know there are some significant industries with lots of exciting opportunities not covered in this list.

While it’s good to know there are booming industries out there, don’t feel disheartened if none of the ones mentioned here speak to you. We guarantee there is a world of opportunity to explore out there – and you can get started right here with Explore Careers!

Why not head over to our Employer Profiles to start seeing who’s who and how you can be involved!


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